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Our method: helping clients find their voice and making it scream... or whisper. Marketing is never once size fits all. If you're trying to increase the visibility of your church, Don King's methods of promotion probably aren't for you. If you wanting to introduce your new mobile phone to a youth market, the Golden Girls won't be your best spokespersons. Finding your voice is similar to image consulting — it's identifying the most attractive elements of your organization's 'personality' and creating your brand with those elements as building blocks.

With this approach, we focus on the things that matter. We spend little time on what doesn't. We encourage clients to resist the urge to spend its efforts and monies on details that don't have a payoff that's proportionate to the cost. We focus on developing effective content and magnetic personsonalities in lieu of wading through minute details. We focus on free (or inexpensive) open-source technologies that evolve at web speed in lieu of pricey proprietary technologies that brake the bank before you're off the starting blocks.

Why: because differentiating  your brand in the market place, attracting attention to it and riding it to success is what works. Get on or get left.

Mostly True Testimonials

 J. Strickland Communications


Telling a great story takes more than just clever words weaved together like your favorite slow jam or even a nursery rhyme.  When my clients need a new beat, these guys have been there to help match my words with ingenious multimedia creations. Together we have created chart-breaking masterpieces.

--Jill Strickland Luse, president, J. Strickland Communications Co.