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Marketing Communications Solutions

Georgia Perimeter CollegeWeb-based Versions of Print Publications
You need greener alternatives to environmentally hostile print publications.  By greener, we not only mean environmentally friendly, we mean less expensive to maintain so your organization keeps more of its green cash on hand. Seriously. It's progressive, more responsible just makes you look like you're ahead of the curve.

What's more, by going to the web, your organization will have access to a global audience. Your  company will be able to leverage social media tool to promote the business using the latest technologies available. It just makes sense.


Higher Education Resources
GT InfoSessionWhy not have an online virtual tour or admissions information session that knock it out of the park; that gives prospective students the next best experience to being there. Or how about saving precious resources you're spending to print that interoffice news publication and make it web based. By web based, we don't mean posting PDF's that are too cumbersome to read, we're talking indexed, searchable, archival and accessible web versions of many of your print publications.

We have extensive experience working in the higher ed space and have the awards to prove it. But enough about us. This is about your institution and delivering it's messages in the most effective ways available.


Brand Identity
For start-ups, one of the most important decisions you'll make is how you brand your business.  Do it right from jump.

For established, if it's broke, let's fix it. Once it's right, you can get to the business of proudly promoting your brand to the world.