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About Us

Who are we?

We’re strategic Risk Takers. Courageous Creatives. Event Ambassadors. Brand innovators. Real Deal Social Media Renegades. Cultural Enthusiasts. Digital Storytellers and Artistic Visionaries with one common goal …. To Exceed all Expectations. To get more players in the game. To Experience more collective victories.


Mostly True Testimonials


Slicker Interactive saved my life. Before they made me over, I was overweight, homeless and had no friends. Their brilliant consultation worked. They even created a cool website and a marketing strategy so effective that I began to believe my own hype. With my newfound confidence I shed pounds, rented a room and bought a dog. I even hit on the nice lady at the animal shelter.

Here's what happened: within days of the launch of and my great social networking campaign, we began to generate tons of new interest in my work as a writer. One editor visited the site and offered me a book deal (which is how my collection The Devil and Dave Chappelle came to be). Their marketing efforts inspired a community of readers around my work and increased my visibility. Now I'm appearing on CNN, NPR, and on the pages of the NYTimes regularly. Not only that, I often get compliments about how well I promote my work. With all that going on, how could I not recommend this company?

- Dr. W. Jelani Cobb